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School Code:70186

Rules Regarding Issue Of School Leaving Certificate Of Students.

Blank application forms for School Leaving certificate & Caution fee refund are available at the school’s reception. 15 working days will be required to process application for school leaving certificate/refund of caution fee deposit.

School leaving certificate will be issued only after all the dues are cleared for the quarter during which school leaving certificate is being issued.

In case of non- payment of dues, same will be adjusted from the caution fee deposit.

Only caution fee deposits are refundable once the admission is taken in the school Admissions granted in the middle of session will have to pay the tuition fee & Transport fee from the beginning of the session.

It is mandatory to pay the tuition fee/transport fee after academic session has started even though the student has not reported for the new session / has not applied for the school leaving certificate and refund of caution fee deposit with the school.

Annual charges are payable annually at the beginning of academic session and it is non refundable i.e. any mid term withdrawal of student requires full payment of annual charges.

Any fee paid for a student is not adjustable with other student.

Any dispute is subjected to Ballia Jurisdiction only.